Friday, 16 January 2015

I just told my dad...

Today, I told my dad that I am an alien abductee. I was apprehensive about telling him about it.
I had been thinking about telling him for the last few weeks. today while I was reading an alien abduction related e-book it suddenly struck me like a tonne of bricks that I hadn't told my father yet because I was fearful, I was afraid of what he would think if I told him.

Upon realizing this I decided that I would not allow a limiting notion/emotion like fear to hold me back regarding me moving forward when it comes to this phenomena. so this evening I plucked up enough courage to tell him that I was being abducted by aliens.

I told him exactly that while he was standing at his bedroom doorway. His reaction was surprising to me. there was no disbelief or long winded explanation on my part to convince him, he was actually rather accepting of what I had just told him. which to be honest it was rather perplexing to me.

My dad has always been rather open minded regarding the alien abduction phenomenon, If that has anything to do with him believing me so easily, I honestly do not know. Is my father an alien abductee himself, maybe...

Either way I am glad that I have this off my chest and that I can move to onto other things regarding this aspect of my life.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

new u.f.o images 9/11/2014

Hello everyone, today I decided to try and get some U.F.O. pictures by trying to mentally connect and invite these beings in. And I think it worked!. below are the images I took.

Monday, 20 October 2014

craft behavior and nordic beings.

Lately, I have been thinking about how a certain extraterrestrial craft has been behaving. It would seem that this particular type of craft that discharges some type of luminous form of matter on it's flight path as if it were charging the atmosphere somehow. Also seems to avoid flying directly over the town I live in, it appears to fly around the town instead of over it.

Is it the nordic's in the craft?

I have had contact with nordic beings in the past, other people (peter m. slattery) that also have had contact with nordic beings have been told by these beings that they cannot come too close to populated human areas because of the collective human energy of all the people living there is too much for these higher vibrational entities to handle.

the overall behavior of avoidance by the entities in regards to their flight path around my home town instead of directly over it. coupled with the information from other abductees like peter's in his books about the beings having to keep their distance from us for energy reasons leads me to believe that these are nordics in this particular craft I keep seeing.

but its not just peter's testimony that makes me think they're nordics in the craft, but also from a man named tony topping.

tony refers to an incident in which the beings (Nordic) he was engaging with illuminated a television antenna, he caught the incident on film and it resulted in harassment by a covert group. But the point I would like to make is that he is interacting with nordic beings that illuminated the television antenna the same way I have seen my group of entities discharge luminous streaks along their flight path.

given the information from the other abductees and my personal observation is that the craft I keep seeing are being piloted by nordics. and I think there's a good chance that if you're witnessing craft avoiding the town you're in and it is giving of streaks of light, that you are in fact dealing with nordics. 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

So I was bored...

I was bored today so I decided to make a gif. image for this blog.

I you're wondering how I made it. I used a program called easy gif animator.